The Gap Series

In 2010 I kept doodling and drawing shapes that had a gap in them. This consumed me and I began to create three dimensional work based on my sketches.  While working on this sculpture I realized that the shapes represented people in my life that didn't belong any more for one reason or another.  I served 4 years in the military, upon my return I found that everything and everyone had changed, including myself.  I had a very difficult time coping and adjusting back to life as a civilian, especially because I lost nearly everything I thought was waiting for me.  This work allowed me to see and understand what I had been feeling since 2007, it also allowed me to deal with and get over it. 

"Closer Separation" (2011)

Welded Steel and Paint

10ft x 4ft x 2ft

"Separated Together" (2010)   *SOLD

Welded Steel, Patina, and Paint

7.5ft x 5ft x 3ft