Growth Series

  I am inspired by Life- The skyward dance of a growing seedling, stretching and reaching for the sun. Seeds begin so small and innocuous but have the potential to become a beautiful flower or a mighty oak. (what a great metaphor for US !)  It is this fascinating idea that they all start from the same humble beginning as a seed that intrigues me.  Similarly, we humans start from the tiny form of a fertilized egg, each with our own potential to become that flower or tree (or whatever we want to be). 

   This latest series of work morphs elements from the balance series (hopefully in a subtle way).  The oculus is still present in some of the work as well as the straight lines. However, in this inspired [by nature] reinvention, there is a fluidity, a movement that I was missing from my previous work.  This movement to me is a representation, in an abstract way, of the growth of a seedling and our own growth. 

“Crystalline” (2019)

stainless steel

12ft x 7ft x 9ft

“Samskara” (2018)

stainless steel (with steel base)

7ft x 2ft x 2ft

"The shape of happiness”(2018)

stainless steel

13ft x 7ft x 3ft

"the sum of our parts" (2018)

stainless steel

10ft x 6ft x 3ft


"universal inseparability" (2018)

stainless steel

12ft x 5ft x 5ft


"here comes the sunset" (2018)

powder coated steel

6ft x 3ft x 3ft

  "REACH" (2017)

Stainless Steel

15 1/2ft x 5ft x 42in


"Key to success" (2017) *SOLD

Stainless steel

8ft x 8ft x 18in


"Sprout" (2017)

Powder coated steel

9 1/2 ft x 3ft x 3ft


"The arrangement of three circles" **kinetic (2017)

Galvanized steel

9ft x 5ft x 5ft


"Skyward" (yellow edition) (2016)

Welded Steel and Macropoxy Paint

6 ft. 6in. x 30in. x 30in.


"Beginnings" (2016)

Galvanized steel

80in. x 80in. x 34in.


"Skyward" (2016)

Stainless Steel

12 ft. 7in. x 4ft. x 4ft.