The Lineage Series

This series explores my families history and showcases the skills and trade that defined my family.  I have used brick as an element, expressing my family heritage. I am the son of a 3rd generation stone mason or brick layer.  Using my skills that I developed in various trades (including working beside my father) and refined while pursuing my BFA degree I want to display proudly this part of my family heritage. The use of brick is more than a design element.  As aforementioned it relates to my family background, but also the linear and geometric qualities accentuate my personal design aesthetic.

"Growing Up" (2012)

Welded Steel, Stainless Steel, Brick, and Paint

12ft x 3ft x 2.5ft

"Lineage" (2012)

Welded Steel, Brick, and Paint

7ft x 2.5ft x 2ft

"Keep It Together" (2012)

Welded Steel, Brick, Hardi-Plank, Aluminum, Asphalt Shingle, and Wood

7ft 5in x 6ft 5in x 2ft 

"Chillicothe" (2012)

Welded steel, metal pipe, paint, and bricks